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Most books about personal finance start with definitions of financial terms and a blur of tables, charts and graphs. Not this one.

A Very Personal Finance Story begins with the birth of Chris and Lori Gardner’s micro-preemie identical twin boys and their fight for survival. Throughout the book, Chris weaves together experiences from his own life with financial topics to present a unique and very personal look at family, love and money.


Our Family  Areya, Chris, Nathan, Lori, Charlie, Austin, Charlotte

Our Family

Areya, Chris, Nathan, Lori, Charlie, Austin, Charlotte

About the Author

Chris Gardner is president of FMF&E Wealth Management, LLC, in Syracuse, New York. As a wealth advisor, Chris helps people find peace of mind about their finances so they can live the life they love.

Chris holds an MBA from Northeastern University and a BBA from St. Bonaventure University. He is passionate about the Syracuse Rescue Mission and has served on its board of directors for several years.

Chris lives in Skaneateles, New York, with his wife, Lori, and their children. He loves to read, play golf, go boating, and build and grow things, but he mostly chases around his twin sons. He is blessed.

Excerpt from the book . . . . .


Things Don’t Always Go as Expected

When the twins were delivered that night at just 25 weeks, on the fragile cusp of viability, I had no delusions that life was, or would be, a smooth, shady boulevard. I knew all about missed turns, switchbacks and starting over. 

I’ve taken plenty of detours. 

At 29, what seemed like the best possible job I could ever hope for was eliminated when my employer merged with a larger bank. 

At 43, the ecommerce company I co-founded failed catastrophically, leaving me exhausted, unemployed and broke. 

At 50, my first marriage ended in divorce. 

Things don’t always go as expected. I knew this.

Still, nothing prepared me for all that would follow the boys’ arrival. In truth, four new lives started that night. Charlie and Nathan began their amazing fight for survival, and Lori and I climbed aboard a roller coaster of hope, wonder and anguish.