A day I will never forget

I think some days are meant to last in your memory forever. Those select few days that are just more meaningful than others. For me, this was one of them.

Lori and I put together a list of people who had done something for our family during the past year. Not knowing how to cut the list down, we invited everyone. In an outpouring of love, they all showed up. Everyone.

With Skaneateles Lake as the backdrop, Father Frank Sevola, performed the perfect baptismal service, but it was more than a baptism. It was a celebration of life.

Family, friends, doctors and nurses came together to see “the two little miracles”. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.

Last year, Lori and I never allowed ourselves to dream of these days. It is hard to describe how meaningful they are when they happen. This day I will never forget. It was perfect.