From colleagues to guides to brothers

Guides appear when we need them throughout our lives – coaches, teachers, friends, colleagues.

I am lucky to have had some wonderful guides during my working life.

John Warren was my mentor for seven years at Shawmut Bank and Sterling Bank. He taught me the most valuable lesson of my working career – always do what’s right. Like any good mentor, he never came right out and said it. He simply taught by example.

More recently, I have been blessed by a team of guides. Through my association with the BAM ALLIANCE, a national community of independent advisors, I participate in a study group with 20 other advisory firms.

Six of us have formed a peer group to further our development and learning. Scott Brown, Jeff Chernitzer, Steve Harvey, Bill Morgan, Al Sears and I have shared a group telephone call every other Friday morning for the past six years. We have been religious about not missing calls.

We share ideas on how to run our businesses, technical client issues, parents, children, marriage – no topic is off limits. These guys are great guides and teachers because they teach from love.

They all care more about the other group members than they do about themselves. These gentlemen have had a profound impact on my personal and professional development. They have helped me deal with adversity, learn from mistakes, and better understand my strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner and as a human being. They’ve been the guides I’ve needed in business and life.

Yesterday, was the offical book launch party for A Very Personal Finance Story. It was a wonderful gathering of clients, friends, business associates and family. Even Nathan and Charlie made an appearance.

The highlight of my night was a surprise appearance by my above mentioned peer group. Scott, Jeff, Steve, Bill and Al all make the trek to Skaneateles, NY. It was a show of friendship and support I will long remember.

Over the past few years, they gone from being colleagues to guides to brothers. I am blessed to have them in my life.